18.03.21 – Kick-Off 3D animation workshop
01.04.21 – Deadline Treatment
??.??.21 – Deadline Online Assignment (stage)
02.05.21 – Deadline Online Assignment (exam)
30.06.21 – (Online?) Presentation Day
01.07.21 – (Online?) MediaNight
28.07.21 – Final submission


Benjamin Körting |
Beate Schlitter |
Manuel Fankhänel |


The final grade for the course is calculated based on the following values:

  • 80% technical implementation (modeling, animation, lighting, shading, rendering…)
  • 15% design rules (composition, camera position & movement, illumination, coloring…)
  • 5% presentation (presentation day, poster, trailer…)


weeklyPost at least one screenshot of your work
into the Mattermost channel
??.??.21A 15 to 25 second trailer
[optional but nice to have]
??.??.212 slide presentation about your project
??.??.21Classic movie poster
30.06.21First version of movie with audio
28.07.21All project files + final movie + 4 still images

NOTE: even with the canceled presentation day / MadiaNight, you are obligated to create a presentation and the movie poster but the deadline will be the same as the final submission. Both will be used for the stage.

However, the deadline for a first version of your movie with audio is still the date of the (canceled) MediaNight, as we will have some sort of online-event.

Every file used in the production of the 3D animation eventually has to end up on the CA-Server! This is important to evaluate all your work for your final grade and it’s necessary for rendering since the CA-Server acts as the data server for the render farm.

Online Assignment

How to register your project in the HdM online assignment: